Week 2

Week 2

Uncle Sam stole last week. I will send them a bill.

I worked on tweaking the design a little for the week view so that it is tolerable to deal with. I created a header that contains the basic navigation layout with a fake avatar (thanks PlaceCage).

Here are some of the libraries I introduced this week:

  • Bourbon - Contains common Sass mixins like border-radius, font-face, etc. so you don’t have to use vendor prefixes.
  • Neat - Grid framework built on Bourbon.
  • Bitters - Default styles built on Bourbon.

All of these libraries were installed using Bower. Here is the snippet added to the bower.json file:

"neat": "~1.5.1",
"bitters": "~0.9.3"

The header was generated using the navigation header from Refills. Refills are reusable components built on top of, you guessed it, Bourbon.

Here is the progression of the interface over the last week. It is definately not where I want it but it is at least tolerable to look at. (You can click on the image to see the full size)

  1. The beginning. No styles applied whatsoever. the start

  2. Added Bourbon Neat grid and placed main content in a container which effectively centered the content and expanded the inputs to the full content width. step 2

  3. Started on the header and placed a logo area floating left and an avatar area floating right. step 3

  4. Brought in a font from Typekit and a background from SubtlePatterns just to add a little bit of style. Styled the text inputs to play around with. step 4

  5. The end result after a little tweaking. the end

Projections for the upcoming week

I am severely falling behind. I wanted to be finished with the web app in April so I can work on the iPhone application in May. I need to catch up in the next few weeks.

This next week I am going to work on creating a project and retrieving the projects from Freshbooks. I need to work on assigning a project to a week and if I have time, I will work on assigning an estimate to a project. I need to catch up.

Last week’s projection: 15 hours

Last week’s actual: 10 hours :disappointed:

This week’s projection: 25 hours