About Pipeline

Photo Credit: Melina Souza

About Pipeline

Pipeline is a simple way to plan your work week.

We all have a finite resource called time and we all want to use that time in the most effective way. Pipeline lets you set your expectations for how you split up your time for the upcoming week. As you progress through your week, Pipeline will send you reminders on how you are progressing on your expectations. Over time, Pipeline will collect statistics on how well you are hitting your expectations. It will help you reach your goals.

Pipeline is being built by Jamie Wright of Brilliant Fantastic.

A few little tidbits

  • Pipeline will integrate with Freshbooks and Harvest to record your time from those sources
  • Pipeline will allow you to add your own time in case you do not use those services
  • Pipeline depends on you tracking your time dilegently each day
  • Pipeline will be open source and anyone will be able to run it on their own server if they choose to do so
  • Pipeline client will be built with Ember
  • The Pipeline backend will be build with rails-api
  • There will be a companion iOS application
  • I am not sure this application will be useful but I will find out
  • The name will most likely change
  • I am sure more tidbits will come along when I start building it

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