Week 1

Week 1

Week 1 was a cluster fuck.

I was able to complete one simple feature (13).

The code that ensures at least three projects are available for someone to enter their projects is contained within the WeekController.

# app/controllers/week.coffee

WeekController = Ember.ObjectController.extend
  projects: (->
    projects = @get('model.projects')
    numberOfProjects = 3 - projects.get('length') # ensure at least 3 projects are displayed
    if numberOfProjects > 0
      period = @get('model')
      [1..numberOfProjects].forEach => projects.pushObject(@store.createRecord('project', {period: period}))

I originally placed it in the model but it does not make sense to have 3 empty projects attached to the model at all times so I moved it to the controller.

Here is a unit test to ensure that there are three projects that a user should start out with:

`import { test, moduleFor } from 'ember-qunit'`
`import WeekController from 'appkit/controllers/week'`

moduleFor 'controller:week', "Unit - WeekController",
  setup: ->
    store = { createRecord: -> {} }
    @subject().set 'store', store

    model = { projects: Ember.A() }
    @subject().set 'model', model

test "projects initialize to 3 instances", ->
  projects = @subject().get('projects')
  equal projects.get('length'), 3

Pull request: https://github.com/brilliantfantastic/pipeline/pull/14

Projections for the upcoming week

Welp. It’s tax time. This means that I will have even less time to work on Pipeline as I had hoped. I need to get my accountant some tax information that he has been asking me for for weeks now.

This brings me to my next point.

If you have a desire to build product as I do, do not start off by making consulting a stepping stone. There is so many time constraints when you are building a business that get in the way of building your product. You have to find customers, do speaking engagements, file taxes, find employees or sub-contractors, review contracts, etc., etc.

It is a better stepping stone in my opinion to find a great job at a great company. Work with talented people. Surround yourself with other developers, designers, and creatives. It will inspire your product and you have people to bounce ideas off of.

This week I am going to work on the design. I feel like I have gotten far enough that I need to add some polish to the main week page so I stay motivated to work on it. It is always best for motivation to be starring at some pretty.

Last week’s projection: 25 hours

Last week’s actual: 12 hours :disappointed:

This week’s projection: 15 hours